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Nova Swing - M John Harrison

Nova Swing - M  John Harrison
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Descirption: Book 02 of Kefahuchi Tract Trilogy!Years after Ed Chianese's fateful trip into the Kefahuchi Tract, the tract has begun to expand and change in ways we never could have predicted-and, even more terrifying, parts of it have actually begun to fall to Earth, transforming the landscapes they encounter.Not far from Moneytown, in a neighborhood of underground clubs, body-modification chop shops, adolescent contract killers, and sexy streetwalking Monas, you'll find the Saudade Event Site: a zone of strange geography, twisted physics, and frightening psychic onslaughts-not to mention the black and white cats that come pouring out at irregular intervals. Vic Serotonin is a "travel agent" into and out of Saudade. His latest client is a woman who's nearly as unpredictable as the site itself-and maybe just as dangerous. She wants a tour just as a troubling new class of biological artifacts are leaving the site-living algorithms that are transforming the world outside in inexplicable and unsettling ways. Shadowed by a metaphysically inclined detective determined to shut his illegal operation down, Vic must make sense of a universe rapidly veering toward a virulent and viral form of chaos.and a humanity almost lost.ReviewFrom Publishers WeeklyStarred Review. In this dense quasi-noir tale set in the universe of Light (2004), Harrison introduces Vic Serotonin, a ne'er-do-well who makes his living running illegal tours of the Saudade event site, where hallucinatory and impossible experiences are the norm. When rich tourist Elizabeth Kielar hires him as a guide and then disappears in the area around the site, things get even stranger than usual. Police detective Lens Aschemann, who usually turns a blind eye to the tourism business, threatens dire consequences for Vic's sideline of event site artifact smuggling, while shady club owner Paulie DeRaad buys an artifact that begins to change him in bizarre ways. Harrison privileges atmosphere over plot, using grotesquely beautiful narration and elliptical dialogue to convey the beautifully delineated angst of Saudade's extraordinary inhabitants. Although not for everyone, Harrison's trippy style will appeal to sophisticated readers who treasure the work of China Miéville and Jeff VanderMeer. (Oct.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.From Bookmarks MagazineCritics greeted M. John Harrison’s Light (2002), which won the James Tiptree Jr. Award, as a revelationâ€"a science fiction novel that drew upon much of the best of the genre but also transcended it. Reactions to this sort-of sequel were not quite as enthusiastic across the board, but even the negative revie showed admiration for Harrison’s stellar wit and style. The consensus is that Harrison has traveled not only to the outer limits of space and time but also to the outer bounds of the novel form. Readers who are up for extra-dimensional prose may be drawn into Nova Swing’s orbit. However, those who are seeking traditional character-driven space opera may find themselves adrift.Copyright © 2004 Phillips Nelson Media, Inc.From BooklistThe sequel to Light (2002) returns to a world transformed by the Kefahuchi Tract to introduce illegal tour guide Vic Serotonin, who takes people up to the Saudade Event Site-always a risky business when maps are unreliable at best, and reality is malleable. Something new is coming out of the site, something with consciousness or at least a distressing tendency to wander around town, clearly looking for something. Vic's latest client, obsessed with going into the site but also terrified, is just the the first link in a chain of people and events on the fringes of a town full of underground clubs, stolen goods, and men broken by their travels in the tract-a chain that could end in disaster for reality as we know it. With its gritty, noirish atmosphere, elements of space opera, and some impressive moments of explosive action, this is a tasty, entertaining morsel, deeply enough flavored to satisfy the thoughtful. Regina Schroeder

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