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Thank You, Cancer by Logan Sneed

Thank You, Cancer by Logan Sneed
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Descirption: What if the worst thing that's ever happened to you was actually the greatest blessing you've ever received? When Logan Sneed was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer, he used a diagnosis that's usually a death sentence as a springboard for the life of his dreams. No obstacle-not even cancer-would stop him from creating the life he wanted.
In Thank You, Cancer , Logan shares every thrilling victory and gutting setback from his remarkable journey to help you see the truth: you can overcome the obstacles you're facing and become the best version of yourself. No setback, be it illness, self-doubt, failure, or depression, is more powerful than your resolve to push forward.
Logan reveals the diet, habits, routines, beliefs, and vision that have taken him from college dropout to six-figure entrepreneur. Now, you're invited to join Logan and begin shaping the worst thing that's ever happened to you into something amazing.

"In Logan's journey defeating a brain tumor, he has shown us all what is possible and how we can all achieve anything we truly set out mind to!" 
-- Dr. Eric Berg , ketogenic diet world-renowned influencer 
"Logan has had some powerful experiences that have helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world, giving them hope and inspiration. He is truly a guiding light to so many in this industry because he speaks his truth and has such a giving heart. This book will help change so many lives, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally." 
-- Drew Manning , author of Fit2Fat2Fit
"Logan is a superstar inside and out! His story of healing and transformation will inspire millions! A true global-change agent has emerged! This is a book that will change lives, helping people realize nothing is impossible."
-- Brandon Hawk , world-renowned life coach and author of I'm Calling B.S.
"If you are in need of inspiration, transformation--or both--the strength that Logan embodies and what he teaches in this book sho us all that we can conquer the odds and anything coming our way. It gives us all hope that anything is truly possible, and a roadmap to turn your possibilities into tangible reality."
-- Hal Elrod , bestselling author of The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation

About the Author
LOGAN SNEED is a brain cancer survivor and entrepreneur whose online business generated a six-figure income before his 21st birthday. A stage-4 cancer diagnosis didn't derail Logan's desire to reinvent himself every day and pursue the dreams he wasn't ready to give up. Today, Logan is an inspirational public speaker, social media influencer, ketogenic diet expert, and a best-self coach with a passion for personal transformation. To learn more or connect with Logan, visit LoganSneed.com.

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